A short message with our progress this month.

As you can expect, we're hard at work for X# 3. This is planned for the end of this Quarter.

However, we will also release a new build 2.15 (for subscribers only). This build will contain several bug fixes and also some new features. The most prominent new feature will be that we have added our own X# expression evaluator to the Visual Studio debugger.
This means that expressions in the intermediate window but also the watch window and breakpoint conditions can be 100% X# expressions. Identifiers are case INsensitive, you can call X# functions, refer to locals, globals, dynamic memory variables, even to fields in the current workarea, or when you use the AREA->FIELD syntax to any open workarea.
This was a major piece of work, but we're very happy to announce this.
Due to technical requirements, this will only work with Visual Studio 2019 and later. We will still support VS 2017 with build 2.15 (withoiut the new expression evaluator), but that will be the last build in which VS 2017 is supported.

Starting with X# 3 we will no longer support VS2017. So it is now time to upgrade!

Something else that you can expect is a “make over” of the X# website. We're using Joomla 3 for the website at this moment.
This product is “end of life” by the end of this year. We're moving the website over to Joomla 4 and will make some changes to the template and some of the components that we have used.

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With pain in our heart, we have decided to cancel the planned X# Summit in Austin, March 2023.
The number of registrations so far is so low that we cannot take the financial risk of organizing the event.

We will see if we can organize an event to replace it, maybe "virtual".
We will keep you posted through this website.

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Today we have released a public installer for XSharp Cahors 2.14.

The what's new document describing all the changes can be found here:

XSharp 2.14 what's new
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The public installer can be downloaded here.

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In March 2023 we are organizing our second US event, where we would like to meet our customers and potential customers from Canada, North, Middle and South America but also from other parts of the world.
We plan to launch X# 3.03 Γαία (Gaia) at this event.

Since we are a small open source project and we have limited financial resources, we have chosen to organize this as a relatively low budget event.
We have also chosen a location in the south of the US, so developers from Middle and South America, such as Mexico, are also able to come with a reasonable travel time.

We will present the current state of the X# development and what's new in X# 3.0 and show how to migrate your existing apps from for example FoxPro and Visual Objects to .Net.
This includes an explanation of the internals of the X# compiler and runtime and how you can use the new features in the product in your apps.
We will also spend time in explaining how X# works for the various dialects that it supports.

Our partner QLAdmin from Austin has helped us to set up an event that will be both informative but also attractive.
You have the chance to meet colleagues that create applications with the same tools, as well as enjoy presentations where we will demonstrate our open source solution to help you move your applications forward towards  .Net.

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Today we have released an installer (for our FOX subscribers) for XSharp Cahors which contains some fixes for problems reported with X# 2.13, and some new features.

The what's new document describing all the changes can be found here:

XSharp 2.14 what's new
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{rsfiles path="fox/Compiler/XSharpSetupFox2.14.0.4.zip"}

A public release is planned for the last week before Chris1mas.

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We returned from the X# Summit yesterday.

It was very good to be back in Germany after more than 3 years and to meet our customers and friends.

Some of the announcements of this event:

  • X# 3.0 will contain support for .Net 5,6 & 7 and will have breaking changes compared with X# 2. The codename for X# 3.0 is Γαία (Gaia)
  • We are preparing for an X# Summit on March 30,31 2023 in Austin (TX)
  • We are planning a next X# Summit in Memmingen on October 12,13 2023



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On December 15 @ 16:00 CET (GMT+1) we will have another online session.
This will be an updated version of the session about .Net Next that Robert has done at our summit in Memmingen this October.


So far the most of us have created applications for the .Net Framework.
Parallel to the .Net Framework there are several other versions of .Net, for example .Net Standard, .Net Core, .Net 5, .Net 6 and .Net 7.
There were also .Net versions for other platforms, such as Mono and Xamarin.

This session tries to put these various implementations of .Net in perspective and will show you how you can use X# for these various targets.
We will also look at the X# build system and how you can create applications for these different target platforms.
There will also be a preview of the X# project System support for .Net Next (with SDK style projects).

The examples of the session can be found here:


The recording of this session can be found here:

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We have a few seats free for next week's X# Summit in Memmingen, Germany.
Register now if you want to join the event, meet other developers and discuss the future of XBase development.

More info here.



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