The online event for Thursday May 7 , at 16:00 Amsterdam time, will be about new features in the X# language/compiler.

The recording of the session can be found in our YouTube channel.

Some of the topics that will be covered are

  • IS Var (and compare that with IsInstanceOf())
  • special Out declarations: Out VAR Id, OUT Id as Type, OUT NULL
  • New notation for literal numbers with thousands separators
  • Show #pragma warnings and #pragma optionsto override commandline arguments in code
  • Passing variables by reference to untyped functions
  • Show how we now don't longer need to use version resources but how the version info is generated from assembly attributes (and how you can switch back to the old behavior)
  • FOREACH statement (including enumerating arrays)
  • VAR keyword
  • Anonymous types

Next week (May 14) Robert will give an "advanced" session about the X# Rdd system, explaining the architecture of the RDD system and showing you how to use the new RDD events and how you can "hook" into the RDD system with the new RddWrapper class in the X# runtime.


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