We are very proud that we can announce that we have just released XSharp Bandol 8 "The Christmas Edition" to our FOX subscribers.
A public version of this beta will be released in a few days,

This new version has many new features. To name a few:

  • A new much faster macro compiler
  • Many changes to the runtime, including new functions and improved RDD support
  • The compiler has been created from the latest version of the Roslyn code. Some of the new Roslyn features, such as the abiltity to create reference assemblies by specifying a command line option have been added. Other new features will follow in the coming releases
  • We have added support for a new dialect "Xbase++". The compiler now recognizes the "Xbase++ syntax for class declarations.
  • We have added a new .Net core version of the compiler and X# scripting engine (which replaced the former "portable" compiler.
  • And many more

The development team wishes you all a very happy Christmas.


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